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Off road

The range of off-road industrial engines originates from the experience acquired by VM Motori in both the industrial and vehicle sectors. The current engines of the R750 series meet Stage IIIA - IIIB - Stage IV regulations requirements - and with the new STAGE V series also the new emission limits in force since January 2019. The engines of the new STAGE V series use high pressure Common Rail injection systems and innovative exhaust gas treatment and recirculation devices (cooled EGR, DOC, DPF and SCR) with various solutions depending on the required power levels. The D700 / D750 series completes the VM Motori off road engine range with Stage IIIA approval, with mechanical injection, suitable for markets where less restrictive regulations are required.

The off road engine main characteristics as a tunnel base (great flexural and torsional stiffness), cylinder liners (better adaptation to temperature variations), hydraulic tappets (less noise), geared distribution (high precision of the injection phase), possibility to apply power take-offs for both single and tandem hydraulic pumps, together with an application flexibility that, by exploiting a vast portfolio of specific applications, complete an offer able to meet all the required needs.

Nm. Kgm. rpm
L mm. W mm. H mm.
R750 Injection Common rail
R 753 IE5 3 94 x 107 2.2
33.6 - 52.2 45.7 - 71
250 25.5 1.800
614 557 723

Stage V

R 754 ISE5 4 94 x 107 3.0
45 - 55 61 - 75
310 31.6 1.100
705 553 760
260 Stage V
R 754 IE417 4 94 x 107 3.0
59 - 80 80 - 109
420 42.8 1.100
705 553 760
260 Stage IIIB
R 754 IE5 4 94 x 107 3.0
60 - 84 82 - 115
420 42.8 1.100
705 600 760
260 EuroVI-C Stage V
R 756 IE5 6 94 x 107 4.5
105 - 120 142 - 163
500 50.9 1.400
945 620 725
350 EuroVI-C Stage V
R 756 IE3 6 94 x 107 4.5
105 - 120 142 - 163
500 50.9 1.400
705 553 760
345 Stage IIIA
D700 Mechanical Injection
D 703 E3 3 94 x 100 2.1
34 - 36 46 - 49
145 14.8 1.200
582 492 677
205 Stage IIIA
D 703 TE3 3 94 x 100 2.1
39.7 - 41.2 54 - 56
195 19.8 1.400
661 504 730
215 Stage IIIA
D 703 IE3 3 94 x 100 2.1
47.8 - 48.6 65 - 66.1
260 26.5 1.200
661 504 730
215 Stage IIIA
D750 Mechanical Injection
D 753 E3 3 94 x 100 2.2
34 - 36.1 46.2 - 49.1
140 14.3 2.100
594 516 669
205 Stage IIIA
D 753 TE3 3 94 x 100 2.2
41.2 56
185 18.9 1.950
594 534 706
215 Stage IIIA
D 753 IE3 3 94 x 100 2.2
51.5 70
255 26 1.650
594 533 713
215 Stage IIIA
D 754 TE3 4 94 x 100 3.0
53.7 - 59.8 73 - 81.3
274 28 1.800
720 508 740
255 Stage IIIA
D 754 IE3 4 94 x 100 3.0
63 - 70 85 - 95.2
420 42.8 1.000
720 557 736
257 Stage IIIA

Powers according to ISO 3046 without fan based on ECE R120. The powers refer to an engine with 50 hours and a production tolerance of 5%.