Since 1947, the Cento (FE) plant is specialized in the design, development and construction of diesel engines. From its origins, the industrial and marine engine is part of the range proposed under the VM Motori brand.



The huge resources dedicated to research and innovation, as well as the use of the most modern technologies, they put the VM engines at the forefront of engines for industrial and marine applications. The current range is the result of this philosophy. In addition to its highly technological products, VM Motori also offers its customers a highly professional and personalized service from the start of the project through to the engine’s installation in the machine.


VM engines is able to garantee a high level of reliability thanks to long-term tests which all engines are submitted, using the more modern equipment available at Cento plant. The final sign-off is only given once the engines have been tested in the field. These tests serve to ensure security and functionality and are much appreciated by our customers.