Our R754 engine has been upgraded to meet Euro VI Step E European Regulations requirements for on-road heavy duty vehicles.

This 3.0L, 4-cylinder engine has a power output of 80kW at 2600rpm and a torque value of 420Nm at just 1100 rpm making it the ideal solution for on-road industrial applications such as road sweepers and multipurpose vehicles

This new engine version has improved its emission rating while maintaining the same hardware, proving its robustness and potential for further upgrades.
The Euro VI Step E development was focused mainly on new software strategies and calibration.

The engine layout is highly customisable and is characterised by its separate DPF and SCR making it possible to adapt to all types of installation.

Moreover, this new engine is also compatible with Stage V for off-road applications where it is especially appreciated for its gear-driven timing and integrated side power take-off.

For more details of this engine, including the main technical specifications, power curves, characteristics and basic bill of material, please consult the data sheet available on our web-site.